Let us migrate your website

Migration is the process of moving your website from one server to another. If done with a large database including various types of media and other types of advertising, this can be a very big, confusing, and stressful job. Especially if you have a lot of plugins on your website, you may have to disable all of them before you move the website, then re-enable them once you have moved in order to avoid having a lot of ERROR or 404 messages.

Migrating your normal or WordPress website from one web host to another can be a daunting task, especially if you haven't done it before. And even if you have done it earlier, you never know what unforeseen technical issue crops up since hosting platform and technologies vary with each web host. So, if not done properly, it can leave your website and business in a bad shape. We, at Kapildesigns, have streamlined the process and our experts can seamlessly move your website to another web host without any downtime or negative impact on your website.

Complete Transfer, Comprehensive Service

We are experienced in all areas of WordPress and are able to provide you with a complete transfer of all your data. We do this in three stages:

  • Moving of files – transferring all of your files to your new hosting provider via file transfer protocol (FTP).
  • Moving of database – exporting your entire WordPress database from your old hosting account, creating a new database, and importing all of your data over to the new hosting account.
  • Reconfiguration – with the file and database transfer complete, we will reconfigure your WordPress installation so that you are provided with an application that you are used to on your new host account.

In making the transition as smooth as possible for you, we can even provide help with a new domain name and additional reconfiguration to ensure your site runs smoothly on a new URL.

Site Migration Services

  • Making your website live on the new server
  • Transferring the domain to the new registrar
  • Changing of Domain Name Servers
  • Synchronizing the associated email accounts
  • Transfer of SSL certificates
  • Load performance tests
  • Database optimization
  • Security audit